Testimonies of readers who read the book on F-Balance by Daniel Anz and Stephan Stich

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Diego Mas (veterinarian) Spain

I liked it even though, at first, it was too much for me. Then I gave it a second mindful chance enjoying the introduction in particular. I think the introduction illustrates the philosophy and soul of the perfect limb position. Therefore, even though I have not finished reading the book just yet, I would assert that this book is a horse’s limb position Bible.

Nevertheless, the language is understandably not so straightforward. Sometimes, following these authors’ reasoning proves to be quite complex.

Rodolfo Zagari (F-Balance podiatrist) Argentina

Very educational, easy to read, the message is logically conveyed.

Jorge Laureano (F-Balance farrier) Spain

The book describes in a practical and real manner how to read the hooves and trim them. It is easy to understand for anyone who searches for and applies a natural way of trimming. For those who work following the traditional approach, this book provides a great opportunity to think and change beliefs.

Constantino Sánchez Martínez (Podiatrist and farrier, Director of the Equine Podiatrists and Farrier School Sierra Norte) Spain

I would summarize the book’s content as a further step towards knowing the true nature of equine hooves.

Francisco Borrero Nieto (F-Balance podiastrist and farrier) Spain

I believe the book caters successfully to F-Balance affiliates that want to delve deeper. However, I gave it to a friend and he says he is having a hard time reading it and that there are not enough illustrations.

Daniela Sinecka (F-Balance podiatrist and farrier) Spain

Written in an educational, simple and clear manner; full of examples based on specific cases and colour images. It makes the reader want to continue until the last page and then to sign up for a course.

Antonio Darias (President of the AMBAR Association) Spain

It is obvious, clear, out-of-context and, above all, conceptual. It has helped me visualize many concepts I did not know I knew until I saw them reflected in your book. I consolidated my knowledge and I learned many new things. It is fair to say that I am not a professional, that I am and have always been self-taught, which I have always highly appreciated (since I was not indoctrinated), even more after reading your book. Differences aside, I came close to your conclusions without knowing it by making use of common sense.

Alberto Sierra Ursuguía (F-Balance podiatrist and farrier) Spain

I think it is a good book that explains the F-Balance system well. It has helped me understand details which I did not understand well during the practice sessions at the academy.

Ricardo Llantada (F-Balance podiastrist and farrier) Spain

Every farrier, professional or person in touch with horses should have a copy of this book. It makes use of a terminology adapted to all readers. I believe that its purpose is to reach many people and help podiatrists discover a simple and efficient method of hoof trimming.

Héctor Gerardo Villegas Yañez (F-Balance podiatrist and farrier) Mexico

This is an excellent book that explains the F-Balance concept in a very clear manner along with magnificent illustrations. The book is simple, concise and precise; by getting to the point, it makes clear that the F-Balance concept is natural and simple. It enables correct hoof trimming therefore simplifying the podiatrist’s job.

Rakel Asensio (Spain)

The book is great. When taking the course, you then put the book’s knowledge into practice and see the results. You realize that this is the right path. I believe that Daniel and Stephan have done and are still producing fascinating research.

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