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Daniel Anz is a professional podiatrist formed and educated in different countries all over the world. He specializes in the study of equine body balance and has thus developed the F-Balance concept. He is one of the leading podiatrists worldwide. Additionally, Daniel Anz is engaged in teaching and scientific research. He has been a featured speaker in 268 presentations in 20 different countries. He works for various institutions and establishments dedicated to equestrian sports.

He is the author of 2 books:

1- El Nuevo Herrador, guía práctica para el nuevo herrador de hoy.

2- Balance F – Die Rückkehr zur Essenz der equinen Podologie (German / Spanish)

Daniel Anz is the author, director and coordinator of the Balance F project and the director of the Escuela de Podología y Centro de Investigación Sierra Norte in Madrid, Spain.

His vision

His growth is centered upon training professionals by means of innovative teaching. Part of his challenge involves breaking through outdated paradigms with simple and yet revolutionary knowledge.

His mission

His mission consists in transmitting knowledge while driven by his passion to teach and to adapt knowledge to his surroundings. His ability to strengthen the virtues of course participants encourages he to build highly professional teams.

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