F-Balance Stars


The stars mean for the certified podiatrist a continuity in training. Its acquisition is possible only after completing the corresponding exams.

Award of STARS (F-Balance PROFESSIONAL): The podiatrist must demonstrate that he understands the concept in depth and can trim a foot correctly. For every successful update he receive a star.


The GOLDEN star means that a certified podiatrist has carried out the necessary practice with a Team Leader.

The practice with a Team Leader is not mandatory, but it is advisable to do it, since the daily work guided by a Team Leader is of great help to consolidate the knowledge acquired in an Official F-Balance Academy. The client that requests an F-Balance podiatrist, will probably choose the one that has a GOLDEN star, for having more update and experience. Whoever makes a practice with a Team Leader will agree on the costs and practice time with this one. When a certified podiatrist has done a practice with a Team Leader, he must request his GOLDEN star from F-Balance Central. Only 1 GOLDEN star will be awarded regardless of how many practices you have performed.

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